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Movie Collective is passionate about promoting and supporting new talent. We are proud to support The Horizon Award and Theatre503.

Horizon Award winners in 2018

The Horizon Award​


The Horizon Award was founded by producers Cassian Elwes, Christine Vachon (Carol, Boys Don’t Cry) and Lynette Howell Taylor (Blue Valentine, A Place Beyond The Pines). The award aims to challenge the under-representation of women in film.

The award goes to a young female director who is either currently in college, or has graduated within the last 6 months, and has no agent or manager and makes less than $5,000 per year in the business. The winner receives mentorship as well as an all-expenses paid trip to Sundance accompanying Cassian Elwes, Christine Vachon and Lynette Howell Taylor. At Sundance, they are introduced to producers, filmmakers, festival programmers and others in the film industry to help put them at the head of the line, as for too long they have been forced to stand in the back. 

Cassian hopes that by identifying female talent early, women might get ahead of their under representation. He says: “There could not be a more important cause in my mind than to help women, somehow or other, get a foot in this business so that eventually women will have equal opportunity with men”.

The award is currently in its 4th year, and this year’s 2018 award was given to two female filmmakers.

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Theatre503 is the award-winning home for new writers in the UK and a launchpad for the artists that bring their words to life. We find and support the creation of exceptional new work which will define the new writing canon for the next generation. Theatre503 stages the work of more debut writers than any other theatre in the country, with over 100 new pieces of writing created and performed on stage every year ranging from short pieces to full runs of superb drama.

Braer Cotton at Theatre503 in 2018 - Photo by Helen Murray

The Theatre503 International Playwriting Award attracts over 1500 scripts from more than 40 countries with the 2018 Award announced in November along with a guaranteed production. Writers whose careers started at Theatre503 include Dennis Kelly (Mathilda) and Katori Hall (Mountaintop - 503, West End & Broadway). Theatre503 is the smallest venue (63 seat and unsubsidized) ever to win an Olivier Award for Best Play (Mountaintop) and won its second Olivier for Rotterdam in 2017.

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