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It's a Movie Studio

We are about to hit 50% funded for our minimum target of £500k on Crowdcube. This message was just sent out to our existing 194 investors (and growing).

Nearly 50% Funded

Some of you are asking about how active we will be with you, should we get fully funded. As some of you know from my experience of successfully self distributing my movie "Papadopoulos and Sons" I am a big believer in demystifying the film making process and bringing people into it. That is what helped get "Papadopoulos and Sons" to the second highest screen average in its opening weekend - only beaten by Tom Cruise's "Oblivion". And I did with a Print and Advertising budget of just £40k.

Click hereYou can learn more about that here in an article I wrote in the Guardian in 2015.

We did that with the help of the crowd (the Greeks in this case) and we intend to bring you with us through this process too - whether you are Greek or not.

We are building a movie studio, funded by the crowd. This is a first. The aim is to build a brand and start making good films. For those that have studied the business plan, the returns do not set the world alight. But that is deliberate. Normally, with a movie investment, you get a fast return - you put a £1 in and you can get £1.20 back (and quickly). But the capital investment is often huge and it's a huge risk. And it's in just one movie.

Your investment is in a business that intends to make many movies. This is what will give us a better chance of sustainability and a breakout hit.

One investor correctly pointed out that the value of the business, based on its cash balance in Year Three, was not very much. But we do not intend to value the business in Year Three on its cash balance but on the quality of the films we are making and the longterm sustainability of the business. This is how we will be able to raise more money in the future and make all our shareholding more valuable.

I know that some of you are considering investing more but waiting to see whether we will get past 50%. This is due any day soon. That is thanks to you.

Please tweet Cassian and myself if you have invested because we will retweet you! Cassian's twitter is @cassianelwes and I am @papasonsfilm

Thank you again. I have no idea whether we will get to that £500k figure and beyond - but because of you, we are on are way.

Marcus Markou

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