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Movie Collective Update

It's been over two months since we hit our minimum funding target. Since then, we have worked hard to tie up all the legals on closing the round. So for example, the production company producing Utopia Road had to be transferred into the ownership of Movie Collective, some people who had pledged to invest needed to be chased for payment, screenplays (like Crazy Blue) also had to be transferred to Movie Collective and so on.

At each stage, Crowdcube is obliged to check and double check that all these matters are executed correctly and evidence can be shown. For those that don't know about equity crowdfunding I'd say as much, if not more, verification and compliance takes place after a pitch as closed than before it opens.

Share certificates also had to be sent out to shareholders. If you are one of those shareholders, please note, the actual value of the share is 0.29 Pence per share (originally they were 50 Pence per share but we lowered the valuation during our Crowdcube campaign). The nominal value on the front of your certificate is well, nominal!

Rosson Crow - the director of Utopia Road - has been busy scouting locations for her debut movie. I have been in touch with Cassian over the Summer and a Line Producer has been appointed and some of the agents of the actors that are signed up for Utopia Road have emailed to express their joy at Movie Collective being funded. There is genuine excitement from the actors about this project.

It is looking like an October/ November shooting date for Utopia Road. Things can shift and often do shift but that is what we are aiming at.

We have also completed a development reading of Bucharest Bluff and we are organising a rehearsed reading of Crazy Blue at West End theatre on November 8th. We will invite all the shareholders - on a first come, first serve basis - starting with the larger investors first. It will be a great opportunity for us to say hello.

So yes, things are happening. Here are some photos that Rosson sent us from Texas whilst scouting locations with for Utopia Road with Producer Susan Carter Hall. The photo of Rosson below on the ladder was sent to us from Detroit over the Summer - where Rosson was painting a giant (clearly Utopia Road inspired) mural.

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