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  • Marcus Markou

The Movie Collective "Big Eight" Principles

1. We believe in longterm sustainability. The capital that comes back from the first project will go into the second project – and right through a slate of exciting and diverse projects. At each time, we increase our chances of a breakout.

2. We want the flexibility of a movie studio. So we are choosing not to do this via EIS. This means that Movie Collective doesn’t need to have 90% of the economic and voting rights of any subsidiary movie project it chooses to invest in.

3. We have a bold vision. In 5 to 10 years time, we want to be making between 5 and 10 movies per year (including TV Series).

4. We want to show good faith. So we will aim to pay out a dividend to shareholders as soon as we can but without limiting our ability to re-invest in future movie projects.

5. We believe in creating liquidity for shareholders. So in the absence of a trade sale or a public listing, our aim will be to buy back your shares for a lot more than you paid for them should you wish to sell in the future.

6. We believe in sweating our equity. So none of the people working for Movie Collective will take a salary or get fees from any of the projects until Movie Collective is making significant profits.

7. We believe every movie can be made for a profit. So our production budgets are cut against the most conservative of respected sales forecasts. This is the case for our first project Utopia Road.

8. We believe in great stories.

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